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Antistatic Cord
Salient Features

    Antistatic String is a unique solution to the removal of static from industrial processes. Static electricity causes many problems in manufacturing – handling, printing, coating, laminating and other processes can be affected by it, resulting in reject, and costing your company money.

    How is it supplied?
  1. Antistatic String is an elastic, flexible String, supplied on 11m reels, but stretching to 22m.
  2. How is it used?
  3. Anti Static String should be either draped in contact with the static-sensitive substrate, or can be mounted approximately 25 mm away. In either case, the Antistatic String should be earthed at one end.
  4. As the substrate moves into range, or comes into contact with the Antistatic String, the static is instantly removed, allowing the process to continue, unaffected by the unpredictable effects of static electricity.
  5. How does it work?
  6. Antistatic String is an induction static eliminator. This means that itthe natural static field on the substrate surface induces to the many points along the length of the Antistatic String. The static voltage pressure increases at these tiny points, causing efficient ionization of the air and carrying the charge way from the substrate to ground. It is the voltage that pushes the charge to ionise.
  7. The discharge is controlled and efficient. There is no spark because of the configuration of the points. With conductive wire, there would be uncontrolled discharge to its surface which would ignite solvent vapour. The conductive, microscopic sized points of Antistatic String prevent the voltage level from reaching a high enough potential to discharge and carry the charge to ground much faster than the potential can build.
  8. How effective is it?
  9. The more charge presented, the faster the speed, the easier it ionises to the points. This means that at high levels and high speed, Antistatic String can be further from the web and still be effective. Antistatic String has been shown to be more effective than active (powered) corona discharge bars.
  10. How long does it last?
  11. Antistatic String useful life depends on how it is mounted. Draped, in contact with a substrate it will eventually dirty and need to be replaced. Its low cost ensures that this can be carried out regularly, as part of Preventative Maintenance. Off contact, it remains effective almost indefinitely.

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