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Length Counters/Batch Counters

   6 Digit length / total cunt & 4 Digit line speed/batch count. Dameter entry possible. Preset relay Output. Choice of NPN/PBP proximity. Microprocessor based technolory with Nonvolatile memory.

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Microprocessor based Auto Web Tension Control Systems

   Avoid loose wound or telescope-wound rolls. Hence, obtain tight and transportable rolls. Tension control is steplessly adjustable from zero to maximum at any speed. Excellent stability in registration during printing. When machine stops, torque on the system goes in the sleep mode which protects system from overheating.

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NCS Strobe Lights

  Reduces wastage of precious raw material. Avoid colour-mismatch,folds & overlaps. Reduces set up time of registration mark. Improves quality with productivity. Avoid fogging, fading & unwanted lines, dots.

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Ink circulating Rollers

   avoid manual stirring of ink. Instant & uniform mixing of solvent during pring. Reduce patch/solidification of upper layer ink. avoid shed variation in printing . available size 38 mm & 50 mm.

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